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Ode to My Sweater translation

Written by Stephen Kuluris, Honorary Staff Member

December 10, 2010

If you happened to read “Ode to My Sweater” in the paper, then this should shed some light on what I actually meant by it. If you haven’t read it, you can do so by going to our current issue, which is in the right sidebar. For the first day of Dec. I wanted to show my Christmas season spirit by wearing an ugly sweater...

AztecTown opens students’ eyes

AztecTown opens students’ eyes

November 19, 2010

From Nov. 10-13 approximately 80 students, predominantly from Corona but accompanied by 15 Marcos de...

Life as an actor

Written by Jacob Cordas

November 3, 2010

Friday I was standing behind a trapdoor as the characters from Clue wander through the house searching for the killer. The lights dim and the Motorist began her phone conversation. That is when I make my move. I slide the trapdoor open and in my black morph suit kill the Motorist before she is able to say whom she used to ...

Hippie haters

Written by Stephen Kuluris, Honorary Staff Member

September 27, 2010

Got to love how quick people are to jump to conclusions. I was recently faced with a situation where this conclusion-jumping led me to think I was going to be knocked out cold with one swift punch. It all started with a grand old time hanging outside of QT after an ultimate frisbee game (it’s the cross country hang out,...

CDSPN causes debate

Written by Eric Smith & Stephen Kuluris

October 25, 2009

Point When senior Keith Wagner came on to [cdstv]’s sports segment, “CDSPN,” earlier last month people expected him to deliver a summary of Corona’s athletics. He then did something totally unexpected; he went and called out the football team in front of the entire student body. “I was super mad,” senior l...

Going green? Think again

Going green? Think again

September 9, 2009

“Going green” has gotten a lot of hype within the past few years. People are riding bikes and recycling....

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