Procrastination during school

The definition of the word procrastination is to put off or defer until a later time.  At one time or another in all of our lives, we have committed this small injustice and had to suffer the consequences.  Why do we procrastinate?  Many times the reasons lie solely in the lack of motivation for a specific job or project.  Even though I’m usually a responsible person in other areas, I have to admit, my weakness is independent reading assignments.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to read.  I love how a novel can take you into a different world and be a complete escape from reality.  Unfortunately, assigned independent reading does not serve the same joys for me.  Every independent reading book I get, I seem to wait until the last two days to buckle down and read 300 some pages.

I know this isn’t making my life easier, but I just lack all motivation to read the novel before the due date.  For my last assigned novel, I wrote in my schedule that the reading was due before it actually was.  This put on the pressure for me to start reading earlier.  When it got closer to deadline, my English teacher’s board showed the upcoming dates.  The actual deadline was still a week or two away and I had plenty of time to finish my book in a timely manner.

Procrastination is a choice to become motivated or to let yourself postpone and postpone and postpone.  Try setting deadlines ahead of when they actually are so you finish sooner and allow extra time.

Just remember, you can only hit the snooze button so many times before you’re late.