Vegetarian or Non Vegetarian

Eating meat is a personal choice and lifestyle. According to the 2008 study “Vegetarianism in America,” published in the Vegetarian Times Magazine, nearly 7.3 million people don’t eat anything that comes from meat. Why do people make this huge life decision to switch from eating meat on a daily basis to either not eating meat (or not eating any animal products at all)? I’ve never quite understood the medical or religious reasons, but I knew sometime during my life I’d give it a try, and I did. I tried it because I’ve always known somebody who doesn’t eat meat and they say they like it.

My sister came home from her freshman year of college and told my family that she had become a vegetarian and that she’d like our help with keeping it up. I had two weeks before I left for a summer vacation in Chicago and I decided to join her for those next two weeks just to see what it was like. We spent days and days researching vegetarian recipes and figuring out what we could and couldn’t make or do. Trust me when I say it takes some major dedication and some serious cash to pull this off. I can’t help you with being a cash-friendly vegetarian because I’m not a very good vegetarian.

In spite of spending all that time looking up recipes, we didn’t make a lot of them. In fact, the only one I can remember my sister making was a vegetable pita. It was actually quite good; that’s coming from somebody who isn’t very big on eating vegetables. Since we didn’t have a lot of the ingredients needed or the patience to make any of it, we ended up eating vegetarian pizzas and lots of pasta.

Since being a vegetarian wasn’t really doable for me, I went back to my usual ways of eating animals because I started to miss the meat I used to eat all the time. I’m proud to say I love meats such as burgers, steak and chicken. If you want to be a vegetarian I offer this advice: take time to research what it actually means to being a vegetarian or vegan, find recipes that you know you’ll like and that are easy on the wallet. You should at least try it for a week and if you still aren’t sure, keep trying it until you can make a decision on if you want to fully dedicate yourself to that kind of lifestyle.