What is Valentine’s Day?

What is Valentine's Day?

Photo by Alyssa Gerwig


In 3rd grade, students were required to buy Valentine’s Day cards for the class. Problem was they came in packs of 28 but all my classes had 30 students. Back then, I was a nice person so I would go out and buy an extra-pack so as not to leave any students out. This left me with 26 extra cards. My fellow students were not as nice. Those 26 left over became the ones “sent” to me by my fellow students.

Once in high school, candy grams became the big thing. People would receive little cards and a box of candy hearts from their “special someone.” I got as many as the kid who sits in the back and carves swastikas into his desk; none.

I began to wonder why everyone else was allowed to get these cards, but then I noticed something: these people who I idolized weren’t that happy on Valentine’s Day. If anything, they seemed to be under more stress because of it. Every time it rolled around, V-Day would demand you go out and buy the biggest sign of affection you could find. But even that would just lead to pain that had been manufactured to make money.

Greeting card companies, under the cover of celebrating St. Valentino’s death created Valentine’s Day. They also put in the idea that the only form of affection that mattered is cheap folded paper and cheesy poems.

We need to celebrate love through real ways that don’t involve stupid holidays. Instead of wasting money, why not spread love in ways that fit your relationship? And maybe, just maybe, spread your love to people you wouldn’t otherwise spread it to. Like me.


Priest Valentino was dubbed a saint by the Roman Church after he was murdered on February 14th, 269 B.C.E. Ever since, the Church had a feast commemorating his death. Therefore, this date has been Americanized into the Valentines Day we know today.

Valentine’s Day means so much to so many people. I feel Valentines Day gives almost everybody a day to feel accepted, loved and known. Ever since kindergarten, February 14th has been a real holiday, a day where everyone has fun with one another. Even if there is a Downer in the group it shouldn’t stop your fun.

Valentine’s Day has never just been about the popular kids; it’s about being popular with your friends. Being recognized at all can make anyone feel special. (That’s why people can act out negatively for attention).

Of course for some people that’s not enough. Unfortunately, these types of people will always complain how they didn’t want to get a Valentine or that no one wanted to get them one. Come on, is it so wrong to care about someone special? Is it so wrong to make others feel the way you want to feel?

Valentines Day wasn’t created to spend money at Hallmark. Valentine’s Day is for any one with holiday spirit. People should be giving cards and candy to make someone happy. That’s what having spirit is all about. It’s not just about buying something, it’s about giving something. It’s about making love real. Plus, you might get chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate?

In my eyes, no one has to participate in V-day, but everyone should want to. Even if you’re not someone’s Valentine you should feel special Valentine’s Day.