The Spring Break of 2021

This year’s spring break for Corona del Sol students was unlike any spring break. Even when on vacation, being careful and safe is important. When it comes to staying home, the challenge is finding things to do.
Junior Emma Betcher went on a trip to Laguna Beach in California for her spring break. She went with her family and her close friend, Annika Weber, who is also a junior at Corona.
“We went on a whale-watching boat trip,” Betcher said. “It was beautiful. This year’s spring break was much better because I was sick all of last year’s spring break.”
Chandler Carlisle, senior, went to Flagstaff for spring break with his girlfriend, Leah Gunter, junior.
“We looked at NAU’s campus and went hiking. Hiking was definitely the best part because it was a great change of environment and we got to see snow,” Carlisle said. “Last year’s spring break was better though because it was the last time I was able to be around all my friends. This year’s spring break was still nice though because it gave me a chance to get off the computer and travel again.”
Emma Hudson, sophomore, stayed local and spent time with her friends.
“I hung out with my friends during spring break,” Hudson said.”We made stew and binge-watched the Twilight series. We also played with my friend’s dog.”
Libby Carstens, junior, went to Puerto Penasco in Mexico. She went with her parents and Caitly Clark, junior.
“We did not do as much as we usually do due to social distancing and remaining safe. It was still a lot of fun though,” Carstens said.”We go to Mexico every year so I believe we will be going again next year but I’m not a hundred percent sure.”
Makena Cummins, senior, went to Rocky Point in Mexico. She went with her family and twin sister, Kylie Cummins, also a senior, they happened to see friends there as well.
“The best part was getting to travel after being home for so long due to COVID-19,” Cummins said. “Some friends I saw on the trip were Lauren Tice, Lili Guillen, Hannah Rife, Alexa Keeley, and Tyler Cole. They all had gone with their own families and it was nice to see them.”
Overall, spring break this year, like last year, looked different. With things like challenges to be safe when on trips, with friends, and or being in public. Overall, things are starting to look up!