Freshman Experience


Freshmen did not expect to begin their high school journey through Zoom calls and now with the fourth quarter starting, there is an option to return to in-person learning. Yet the in-person school environment will still be drastically different. Students will have to follow the COVID-19 guidelines, which will include wearing masks and social distancing. Now, with online learning, this adds a completely new experience for everyone, especially freshmen. 

“I’m looking forward to getting back into my old habits,” freshman Julia Owens said. “Having school during a pandemic really made me lazier and lazier every day by trying to figure out the least amount of energy I could put into my classes while still getting by. I don’t really think the fact that high school starting really made a difference; the same thing was felt by everyone.” 

But despite all these changes, Corona freshmen have still found a positive outlook on their high school experience. A chance to have a spark of normalcy has led to bubbling excitement. 

 “Eighth grade was really normal, we saw everyone every day, no masks, no quarantining, since after spring break last year all we’ve done is quarantine, have masks on any time anytime we go out in public,” freshman Hannah Stimmel said. “I am going back in person and I am most excited about just seeing all my friends and being able to learn at school in a classroom with a teacher. I’m not sure if I have anything I’m not looking forward to; I’m just excited about not having to learn everything on a computer finally.”

 Even with the new sets of rules, there is still hope that this opportunity can be a relief from COVID-19. Many other freshmen have had the same experience, although others feel that starting school online gave them a different approach and are not entirely ready to defer from that.

 “It’s made me happier in a way since I was able to make new friends considering I came to this school without any of my old friends. It’s like I started all over again,” freshman Alessandra Martinez said. “I’m actually not going back since I’m not too confident in what I’ve learned so far and feel like it’d be harder for me.” 

To change from one path to another is an imitating choice, which has led to a lack of confidence in this new opportunity. Regardless of the skepticism, the majority is still in favor of in-person learning and are planning to take full advantage of it. 

 “Online learning as a whole is different and I’m not a big fan of it,” freshman Cora Bullard said. “It’s harder to focus online than it is in person. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends every day once we go back to school. Also, one of my classes is known for being a hands-on class so I’m excited about that too. I’m not looking forward to waking up earlier though. The first day I’ll be kinda nervous cause it’s my first day back with everyone, not just last name people A-L like we did with hybrid. It’s okay though cause at least we’re going back.” 

After spring break, there will be nine weeks until summer vacation. It has been an incredibly hectic year considering all of the changes made to ensure the safety of everyone on campus. There are, however, many freshmen who are looking forward to returning in person. It is their closest opportunity to experience high school, but what is best for one person may not be best for another. So, whichever option is chosen to continue the rest of the school year, these last few weeks will always be remembered.