Returning Back To School

Photo by iStock
Photo by iStock

As of March 8th, Tempe Union Schools are planning for a return to in-person learning, four days a week, with Wednesdays continuing to be asynchronous. A virtual option will also still be available. Along with this new transition, new rules will also be introduced. For example, attendance will be counted by having your camera on and extra furniture in classes will be removed.

Some students struggle with online learning, so going back to school would benefit those who need an in-person school environment. 

“I think this is good for kids academically because students have lost motivation, and seeing people in person with the right precautions is good for not only for our school but our students and teachers,” sophomore Michael Silvas said. “I’m sure teachers are as happy with this now being able to happen just as much as the students are.”

It has been difficult for the teachers to create an entirely new learning environment online, which is why some want to return to in-person learning. 

“I am pleased with the decision to go back to in-person learning because I think it will be better for the students,” Spanish teacher Jennifer Lopez said.  “I hope many of the staff have gotten the vaccine by the time we return and that all people on campus are respectful following the rules to limit the spread of the virus so we can stay open.

Although some students seem to enjoy the idea of returning back to school, others feel differently. Students feeling that Coronavirus guidelines won’t be followed. 

“I think schools should stay only online until next year,” Junior Isabel McClure said. “I like that we are given an online option even if people can go back, but all online is the smartest choice so we can have a higher probability of getting a somewhat normal year next year with less cases than there would be with In-person school this last quarter.” 

Yet there seems to be many teachers who have faith that the transition back to the school will still be safe. 

“In an ideal world, I think that our schools should be completely open five days a week to teachers and students who want to teach and learn in-person. Those people who do not want to take the risk, for whatever reason, should be assigned to teach and learn in a traditional online setting as in Tempe Union Online,” English teacher Juanpablo DeLeon said. “I miss my kids and after coaching wrestling and teaching in person during the hybrid model I have full faith that everyone will be safe during the school day.” 

Everyone has mixed feelings on what they think will happen with some students attending class in-person or continuing to do online, there are pros and cons to each choice. In the end, with there being an in-person and online option available, there will be a comfortable choice for everyone.