New Year, New Corona


Making a New Year’s resolution is something that most people have done once in their life. It means taking the time to evaluate choices made over the past year and to discover changes that would improve oneself during the next year. Making a resolution shows the optimism within and the hope for a better future. The following Corona students and teachers have many goals for this upcoming year!


“I don’t want to waste my time on people who aren’t worth it,” sophomore Sage Atchley-Simpson said. “I’m gonna be more vocal about how I feel.”

“My new year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating and develop better time management,” junior Megan Haggerty said. “I hope to become more organized and on top of my studies. I would also like to be more optimistic and do more leisure reading!”

“As cliche as it is, my new year’s resolution is to focus on myself and growing individually,” senior Emma Margulis said. “and not rely on other people for my happiness.”

“If I were to say anything I would say to focus on my academics and to try and find things I enjoy.” freshman Tillman Scott said.

“I’m not really a fan of resolutions,” sophomore Aidan Lightfoot said. “I guess good grades and paying better attention in class since I have a hard time with the online classes.”

“My New Years’ resolution is trying to be better at time management and my communication with others,” Junior Nikki Newman said. “I have extremely poor communication when it comes to Snapchat, Instagram, any social media site honestly.”

“I want to be the better version of myself, get good grades, and be more self-reliant,” junior Uriah Smith said. “Achieve things when I put my mind towards them.”

“I’m gonna start eating better, working out, and meditating so I can be the best and happiest version of myself,” senior Narcisse A.Triano said

“My New Year’s resolution is to market and exhibit more of my artwork for 2021,” Photography teacher Joe Trevino said.

“I have several,” freshman and sophomore English teacher Katherine Zentgraf said. “I deleted my Facebook; I want to read 21 books in 2021; and, I want to get at least 45 minutes of exercise each day.”