Zoom vs. Google Meets

October 30, 2020



Artwork by Kayla Jaramillo

With online school being the new normal, logging into the virtual classes every day is becoming a part of the daily routine. There are two ways to attend virtual classes; google meets and zoom which have varying pros and cons. Students have also noticed these pros and cons and have developed and shared their own opinions about which one they like more.

Giana Garza

“I like Zoom better because it’s easier to use and I can see more of my classes,” said freshman Giana Garza.

Angel Vite

“In Zoom, there are more options than google meets and I feel like you have more control in Zoom,” sophomore Angel Vite said. “When you work on another thing for that class you can still see the teacher and students while doing your work. The flow feels better in Zoom.”

Maya Yates

“I prefer Zoom because it’s easier to turn on and off the mic,” junior Maya Yates said. “It also doesn’t take up the entire page so you can minimize it.”

Caleb Hoffman

“Zoom,” senior Caleb Hoffman said. “The better program can fit more people on the screen, has better bandwidth, takes less time, & runs smoother.”

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Google Meets

Artwork by Kayla Jaramillo

Artwork by Kayla Jaramillo

On the CdS Sunrise Instagram, @cdspublictions, Corona students took a poll to find out which of the two meeting software were preferred and the results that came out were shockingly close. With 43 votes for zoom & 49 votes for google meets, it seems Google Meets is the winner!

Cameron Gdowski

“Personally I like Google meets because the camera and mute buttons at the bottom are easier to press,” sophomore Cameron Gdowski said. “Also just the whole app, in general, is easier to load up and stuff.”

Taylor Merrow

“I like that you can just click on the link and it takes you right to it,” senior Taylor Merrow said. “You don’t have to wait to be let in.”

Analises Nunez

“I prefer google meets, it’s a little easier for me to navigate and I have more classes there,” sophomore Analises Nunez said.

Sabina Lopez 

“Google Meets because I like being able to see who’s in the class already,” senior Sabina Lopez said. “I like the quality to it too.”

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