Silent March

Student shares the marching bands new plans after its cancellation.

Senior Abraham Jiminez receives the Outstanding Leader Award for the 2019-2020 season from Mr. DuPlessis (left) and Ms. Holste (right) at the band banquet. Last year marked the end of the typical marching band season for many seniors like Jiminez

Cancelation after cancellation, when will it end? Sports have been postponed and performing arts are finding alternate ways to take the stage. Marching band is no different. Their season has already been “cancelled” due to the main competitions they perform in being cancelled.

Senior Abraham Jiminez leads the marching band in a number of different ways. “I am the Alto Sax Section Leader, Head of Field Crew, and President of Band Council for the 2020-2021 school year,” Jiminez said. 

Finding a way to transition effectively from being an all in person class is very difficult, but to do it efficiently is even more so. Luckily, the marching band has come up with a system to help students work from home. 

“We ultimately came to the conclusion that we would have classes after school from 3-4 o’clock,” Jiminez said. “We have something different everyday. One day is visual, another is music, another is sectionals, and another is full ensemble.”

This decision allows marching band students to continue to improve even while working at home. Not to mention, the sponsor of the marching band, Mr. DuPlessis is still offering classes related to marching band.

“Mr. DuPlessis has offered classes on different skills that have to do with Marching Band such as drill writing, learning how to draw the formations which a band forms during their show,” Jiminez said. “We have also been given the opportunity to visit past shows that the Aztec Marching Band has performed.”

It is unfortunate to see the end before the season even began, but the marching band is staying strong even with all the negatives of the season. They are looking to build strong skills at home now, so they can use them more efficiently next year.

“Everyone within the band understands why the season was cancelled, especially the leaders,” Jiminez said. “We have continued to keep the morale up and set an example. We are trying to make the best of this year, and hope that we can help the band so it can get back on its feet for next season.”