How COVID-19 is Impacting Corona del Sol Students


The student body of 2020-21 is having mixed emotions about COVID-19. There have been difficulties for all grades, from the new freshman to the seniors in their final year. When it comes to online schooling, COVID-19 and the new challenges it brings can make it difficult to learn and interact. Corona del Sol students have a lot to say about it!  

Kasey Wochner

No one close to me has been knowingly infected with COVID-19, but my brother is at risk. I have barely left the house since March because of this and I have not even been able to see my boyfriend since then. I hope everyone is staying safe and taking proper health precautions! Wear your mask and wash your hands!”

Logan Mason

“If we get the chance to go back to school I would probably go back because I learn better in person than online. My view on the Coronavirus is that it’s a real thing happening and people should be more considerate about others and take things more seriously,” Mason said. “The best part about online schooling is the breaks we have. Also, when we are done with work we can log out early. It is safer and we get more freedom. The bad part is it’s harder for teachers to teach and for students to learn.”

Andre Martinez-Jackson

“The worst part about online schooling for me is my Spanish class,” Martinez-Jackson said. “It is harder to learn online with pronunciation and the atmosphere. It’s also hard to work out for wrestling at home. Sadly, the virus had killed some of my very good family friends that I’ve known since I was born. When Doug Ducey reopened the state, my uncle, Fraustino, had to go back to work as a bartender. He ended up catching the virus and died.”

Pedro Leyva

“I would go back to school if we got the chance. Online schooling is not hard or anything; it’s just not ideal. I don’t really like online schooling at all,” Leyva said. “On the plus side, I do not need to worry about being late or having to get up to get ready. It is easier because there are not so many distractions, but I feel as though I’m missing out on high school and being around friends. We also do not get that one-on-one learning experience. So, it makes it harder to learn certain lessons sometimes.”

Evan Swarup

“I really want to go back to school, even though it is not the safest thing to do right now. If school opens, I will one hundred percent go back,” Swarup said. “With COVID-19, I think it is a very serious virus and everyone should do the proper things to avoid getting sick. When it comes to online school is alright and all, it is just very boring and there is no social aspect. It is harder to pay attention and engage when it is all online.” 

Austin Lightfoot

“In my opinion, it’s a virus, and the only way you can truly beat the virus is if your body becomes immune to it,” Lightfoot said. “You can’t just make the virus disappear, but I do agree we should be protecting the people who have a really bad reaction to it. Other than that, things need to open up because it’s having more of a negative outcome socially and economically. Also, the virus has gone through my whole house. My mom and my brother were out for 2 weeks and they were affected way worse than me and my dad. I only had it for about 3 days.”

Brooke Wilson

“I would love to go back to school; I miss the social aspect of it all so much,” Wilson said. “The best thing about online schooling is that I think I will be able to maintain straight A’s if we stay online the whole year. Online is not as hard as it is in person. When it comes to COVID-19, my parents both ended up getting the virus a couple of months ago. It was the scariest time of my life because my dad went to the hospital. They both recovered from it and it made me realize the virus is very serious.” 

Sienna Martinez

“Going back to online school was an adjustment after months of quarantine. If I had the chance, I’m not sure if I’d go back to school or stay online because of the benefits of both,” Martinez said. “If we went back we could all see our friends again and meet our teachers. Also, we would be able to make more of a connection with our peers. Hopefully, we can all get back soon!”


Logan Mason (9) (Photo by Courtesy of Logan Mason)
Pedro Levya (11) (Photo by Courtesy of Pedro Leyva)
Andre Martinez-Jackson (10) (Photo by Courtesy of Andre Martinez-Jackson)
Evan Swarup (10) (Photo by Courtesy of Evan Swarup)
Brooke Wilson (11) (Photo by Courtesy of Brooke Wilson)
Austin Lightfoot (12) (Photo by Courtesy of Austin Lightfoot)
Sienna Martinez (9) (Photo by Courtesy of Sienna Martinez)