TheaterWorks prepares for on-stage production

Written by Sarah Schop, Staff Writer

The Corona drama department, otherwise known as TheaterWorks, is putting on the play Rumors for its spring production.

“It’s about these upper class couples that go to their friends’ 10th anniversary party,” senior Zoe Newman said. “They quickly realize that something isn’t right and they start telling each other lies about what’s going on. Everything starts getting jumbled up and it gets confusing.”

Newman is playing Claire Ganz, who is “the main gossiper of the play.” She is acting alongside her on-stage husband junior Josh Mandell, who plays Lenny Ganz.

“I’m a part of the second couple that arrives, and I am an accountant,” Mandell said. “I have a hurt neck during the play, and I try to calm everybody down and see what’s going on. I also lie a lot.”

With the play fast approaching, the entire cast is getting more and more excited in preparation.

“I’m most excited to work with the people that are in it,” Newman said.  “This is a very small cast and I haven’t gotten to work with them, so I’m excited to work with their energy and see what they bring to the table.”

The cast believes that Rumors is “a good intro to theater,” even for people who don’t like plays because it is engaging and funny.

“You’re going to love this play,” Mandell said. “It’s fun and it’s fast-paced. It’s a farce, so there’s a lot of people coming in and out. It’s also really funny. High school kids really love comedy, so I think you’ll love this one.”

Rumors will be performed at Corona on Feb 2-3 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 at the door.