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New finals schedule put in place

Sarah Schop, Staff Writer

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The final exam schedule has changed. Instead of having finals over two days, they will now be spread out over three days.

“The district office took a look at what was best for students,” Corona assistant principal Deb Benedict said. “With all of the social and emotional issues, they decided it would take the stress off of for students to only have to take two finals a day instead of three.”

Finals will now be taken from Tuesday, Dec. 19-Thursday, Dec. 21.

The periods on final days have been extended from 75 minutes to 90 minutes

On those days, the first final will be from 7:25-8:55 am and the second final from 9:20-10:50 with a 20 minute break in between.

Tuesday students will be taking finals for periods one and two, Wednesday is periods three and four/five, and Thursday is periods six and seven.

“I definitely think that this will help,” Benedict said. “It should be easier to only have to study for two finals rather than three.”

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New finals schedule put in place