Theatreworks excited for musical

Written by Haley Spracale, Sports Editor

Photo by Morgan Treptow

Theatreworks presents the first musical of the year with Into the Woods. This two hour and 30 minute show will blow audiences away with the amazing music and acting.

For those new to musical theatre, Into the Woods is a musical with the book written by James Lapine and music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Show director Rachel Rosen wants students and families to be prepared for a show filled with twist and turns.

“The show is a reimagining of many of the classic fairytales we know. It is witty and poignant and is chocked full of life lessons,” Rosen said, “The first act comes together with your classic ‘Happy Ever After’ fairy tale ending but the second act is much darker and examines the realities and intricacies of life beyond the fairy tale ending”

For junior Sam Joseph, who plays Jack in the show, he is most excited for the audience to see act 2. Compared to act one, the viewers will be on a emotional rollercoaster.

“I’m most excited for people to see the second act because it really is a slap to the face,” Joseph said, “Act 1 is a comedy and everybody gets their happy endings, but Act 2, the characters are faced with the difficulties in life and learn so many themes about the human condition.”

With those concerned about the physical aspects show, senior Zoey Newman who plays Little Red Riding Hood, warns the show does have some flashing lights and loud sounds throughout the production.

“There are a couple of flashing lights in a couple scenes and I don’t know if it is enough to trigger an epileptic episode, but I would just be aware of that. Also be aware of loud noises and screaming.” Newman said, “If anyone can’t handle that I would warn them before seeing the production. And of course be ready to laugh and cry along the way.”

The show runs from Nov. 15-17 with each performance starting at 7 p.m. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 with a student ID and for $10 without. It’s a good idea to arrive early to get a good spot in line since doors won’t open till around 30 minutes before show time.