First stage production of the year promises to excite

Written by Maria Manaog, Staff Writer

Coming this September, CdS Theatreworks will be bringing Star Wars back onstage as the first play of the school year. It made its debut at Corona in 2015.

Drama teacher and lead director Chris Carter is a huge Star Wars fan. Carter is very excited to present this show again two years later.

“Me, Mr. (Nick) Taylor, and Mr. (Ben) Forbes have decided to do the Star Wars ensemble again for many reasons, and one of being which is that it was a ‘box office’ success last time. We hope to have a similar turnout this year because it brings in great funding for the theatre program,” Carter said. “We also wanted to do a show that we know is fun for the kids to do, especially for the actors who will be graduating next year.”

The play stars seniors Teddy Ladley as Han Solo, Hannah Brudnock as Princess Leia, Kohei Nelson as Luke Skywalker, and Gabe Martinez as Darth Vader.

This show will be an abridged version of the original Star Wars trilogy. Each episode will be about 20 minutes long, and the entire play will last about a total of 50 minutes.  Junior ensemble member Cassaundra Mora enjoys acting with this group because they all share the same level of enthusiasm for this sci-fi film.

“Everything in this play moves pretty quickly, but it’s unique. I look forward to showing the audience the success of their teamwork,” Mora said.

Star Wars runs Thursday, Sept. 7 and Saturday, Sept. 9 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Tickets will be sold at the door for $5 each.