Freshmen adjusting to high school

Written by Marissa Simental and David Gomez

School is in high gear now, as everyone makes the transition from long summer days and doing whatever they please, to the long, stressful days that students endure during the school year. This change can be particularly hard for the new kids on campus every year.

For some, the first day of school was not their first day at Corona. Thankfully, Student Council hosts an event every year called, “Camp Corona.” Camp Corona is a one-day long event designed to help make a freshman’s transition from eighth grade to high school easier. Students have the opportunity to get to know the school and become more familiar with campus as well as get a chance to meet new people and make friends with upperclassmen who can help them feel more comfortable. There are presentations meant to help inform the students of the new-found freedom; the good and the bad, the grading policies and also ways to have a successful high school career. One of the favorite activities among incoming freshmen is the chance to receive genuine advice from camp counselors.

“Some good advice I got from my camp counselors was to not be shy,” freshman Madisson Simental said. “My counselors also said to always ask questions; there’s nothing wrong with needing a little help.”

Another activity that incoming freshmen find helpful is the opportunity to become familiar with the campus and their schedules before the first day.

“In my opinion, the most helpful activity was touring the campus,” freshman Chiara de Gennaro said. “I learned where to go for the first day of school.”

A memory made at Camp Corona that students always seem to remember is the infamous freshman dance.

“The freshman dance was my favorite part of Camp Corona,” Simental said. “I met so many new people and got to have a lot of fun with my class, something I won’t ever forget.”

The switch from middle school to high school is quite a change; however, it is very important. Many freshmen remember their first week of high school forever.

“My first week of school was very interesting,” Alex Reeve said. “It was a different environment.”

Let’s not forget that this is their first time experiencing the Friday night lights or being mixed in with a whole new group of people.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting good grades,” Emma Montanez said. “I also can’t wait for the football games.”