Corona teacher remembered by staff and students


Written by David Gomez, Business Manager

On May 13, 2017, another Corona Aztec passed away. Teacher Andy Meyer had a huge impact on not just his students, but also his co-workers and people in the community. Thanks to Meyer, Corona was able to shift into the 21st century he helped implement all of the technology that is here on campus. Meyer taught history and technology classes and later moved into a technology position for nearly 20 years where he helped integrate online grades, teacher laptops, and projection units in every classroom and even more.

“I first met Andy Meyer in the Tech 2000 class,” former student and employee Jon Doughty said. “He approached me to become a TA for the AV departments and now every time I work on a computer, I have to thank Andy for noticing my interest.”

Along with having an influence in the technology department, Meyer also took on a teaching role where he was able to not only inspire other teachers, but now students too.

“(Meyer) actually made me enjoy history,” junior Mackenzy Turner said. “I had always hated it, but he made it fun.”

Meyer was did not only find a pastime with technology, he also really enjoyed baseball. In fact he purchased season tickets for the Diamondbacks.

“One of my favorite outside memories with Andy would be going to the Diamondbacks’ game,” AV Tech Sonya Martinez said. “When he couldn’t make it to a game he would give tickets to his staff.”

Meyer knew how to joke around and had a great sense of humor.

“I remember one time there was a spider on the ceiling and the whole class was in an uproar,” junior Kiana Cook said. “It was funny because Meyer did not want to kill it, but neither did anyone else, so it just sat there.”

Meyer was seen as a very determined person. He was a hero to some as well. In 2010, there was a computer thief stealing computers from campus.

“Andy Meyer, the Department Chair of the Media Services Department at the time, volunteered to watch the surveillance cameras at night and on the weekends,” teacher-librarian Justine Centanni said. “One day in the wee hours of the morning, Meyer actually spotted the thief on camera attempting another break in. He immediately called Tempe Police and the thief was arrested near Corona.”

Along with baseball, Meyer had a strong interest in trains and helping others. He would even track a train for co-workers to see what was going on if they were having a delay.

“Andy Meyer shared his love for baseball and trains with all of us,” Social Studies Department Chair Cheryl Januzzi said. “He was always willing to go out of his way to help anyone on campus.