Allergy season is upon us, take precautions

Photo courtesy of NIAID

Written by Lauren Puffer, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Having allergies is one of my biggest physical struggles. My eyes get puffy, my nose gets drippy, and my sinus are pressurized. Having this disadvantage could out you at a bigger risk of contracting an illness, but staying healthy in the spring isn’t entirely hard. I have some tips and tricks to keep yourself at your best this season.

1) Clean your phone- Think about it; all of the places that you set your phone down every day. All of the surfaces that your phone touches have been touched by many other things that carry many other bacterias. Every surface you set your phone sticks bacteria to it. At the end of every week I wipe my phone off with a Clorox wipe. I figure if you can wipe off an iPad with Clorox after a toddler uses it, you can wipe off your phone after setting it down at school for a week.

2) Maximize your water intake- Studies show that drinking room temperature water helps to hydrate your body better. Also, water can flush the toxins in your body and help the effort of achieving total health. Water provides many other services to the human well being, but mainly it is capable of naturally regulating your bodily functions.

3) Be conscious of when you wash your hands- Make sure you’re aware of the things you touch and how often you are touching them. If you were touching a public handrail, don’t immediately open your bag of chips or scratch the itch on the side of your nose; go to the bathroom and wash your hands.

4) If you feel it coming on, nip it in the bud- Be proactive the next time you feel a throat tickle. Get your hands on some Airborne or Emergen-C. This broad intake of vitamin C can help kill bacteria and restore equilibrium in your immune system. This will prevent the further advancement of the potential illness.

5) Put on some VapoRub, and get some sleep- Taking a Benadryl and putting some eucalyptus oil by your bed is not entirely discouraged by me. You can really get a great sleep by attempting to rid yourself of allergy symptoms during sleep so that at least you can get an uninterrupted 8 hours to help your body regenerate itself. This will also help with that unavoidable allergy season sluggishness that we victims often suffer from.

I hope these tips and tricks help you in your allergy attacks to come, may we suffer together peacefully