Corona del Sol theatre performs ‘The Man Who Came To Dinner’

Written by Nikki Dull, Staff Writer

On April 9 CdS TheatreWorks performed its final play of the school year, The Man Who Came To Dinner written by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.

The play started off with a man, Whiteside, in a wheelchair complaining about an ankle injury that occurred outside the house of the Stanleys- his new home until he recovers. While he is there he becomes everyone’s least favorite person with his unpopular opinions and overbearing personality.

Whiteside was played by senior Quinn Nissen, who was the star of the show. He was on stage throughout the entire play and nailed every line making the performance extremely entertaining to watch.

The play took place during the week leading up to Christmas so the stage was decorated accordingly and the scene did not change throughout the play.

My favorite character in the play was Maggie, Whiteside’s assistant, played by junior Hannah Brudnock.  During the play, Maggie seems to be the only one who puts up with the constant nagging of Whiteside, until she meets her love interest, Bert, played by senior PJ Rivers. Rivers did a phenomenal job with his role as a reporter.

Whiteside is in a panic when he finds out Maggie is quitting her job to be with Bert, so he calls up his old friend Lorraine, played by senior Sadie Scheufler, to lure Bert away. Scheufler’s performance was very amusing to watch because her character was one that brought a lot of drama to the play.

After intermission the play takes place on Christmas Eve, and Whiteside begins to realize that he may be kicked out of the Stanleys’ home and lose his assistant. The second half of the play was much more entertaining to watch because more characters were introduced and the plot was thickened.

The play all came together with Whiteside realizing his faults with the Stanleys’ and Maggie and fixing what he messed up.

This performance was one that I enjoyed because it followed a simple storyline. All of the cast members were extremely talented and while the scene of the play didn’t change, it was never boring to watch.

The play was filled with talented characters and something was always going on, not leaving the audience bored. I’m looking forward to what CdS TheatreWorks will have in store next school year.