Behind the Scenes: Sunset Yearbook


Written by Dion Deguzman, Staff Writer

It’s almost time, the time everyone has been waiting for. The yearbook. It is finally finished and will be distributed May 3. Although, there is a lot more that goes into the yearbook than you might think.

What you may not know is that this year’s yearbook actually started being made last school year with the previous yearbook staff.

“Starting the yearbook in summer was time consuming,” senior Sunset Yearbook Editor-in-Chief MacKenzie Robb said. “But, it was exciting to have the editor-in-chief position and I look forward to finishing the yearbook.”

Once the school year starts, now all new yearbook staffers are on board. Yet there is an obstacle to overcome as beginning yearbook and advanced are two different period, leaving Robb to also be in the 1-2 class to assist the newcomers.

“It was hard trying to bounce between classes,” Robb said. “Communication was difficult because it was almost like having two separate groups and I was the messenger,” Robb said.

Every page was hand designed to never look the same to another. Even if the pages were 30 pages away from each other they all look different.

“It can be tricky making sure no two pages look the same throughout the book,” junior managing editor Danielle Jansen said. “It requires you to be creative and do something unique with every page.”

On top of all the pages looking different, each page has multiple photos which makes you think “well, photos are easy to take,” but they really aren’t. There is so much more than just taking a camera and taking a picture. There is learning how to properly use a camera, how to process photos and learning about photo size, resolution, picas and the list goes on and on and on. Not to mention you also have to make sure the person you take a picture of won’t hate you if you put an ugly picture of them in the book.

“It was extremely stressful being a photo editor because it’s impossible for me to see every single picture that goes into the book,” senior co-photo- editor Molly Joseph said. “I just had to put my trust in the photography staff and they never disappointed me.”

Along the ride with Joseph, she also had great things to say about her counterpart, senior Taylor Gransen.

“Having Taylor as a co-photo editor was really awesome,” Joseph said. “It made our work loads lighter and I think we both benefitted from it. It’s was a pleasure working with someone as talented as her.”

What you also might not know is that the index with all your names in the back is all hand made by one person, and that person is senior Mica Favela.

“The index is not hard at all,” Favela said. “It really is just a job that requires a lot of patience and dedication to make sure it was perfect.”

All the work all of the Sunset yearbook staff has put into this book is now almost here.

“I look forward to all the students seeing the hard work that went into the book,” Robb said. “I hope they feel excited to see themselves when they’re on a page.”