Library puts on Book Bracket


Written by Patricia Stoica, Staff Writer

The Friends of The Library is bringing back its March Madness book bracket for another year. The event consists of 16 books in total, and students can vote for their favorite books. Voting will be digital; students will vote using their student ID and may only vote once a round. Students can vote either by scanning a QR code or following a link. Results will be updated on a schedule, and the event ends 2 days after the NCAA’s March Madness.

Much like the NCAA’s March Madness is broken down by region of the United States, the Friend’s of the Library’s March Madness is broken down by genre: realistic fiction, science fiction, fantasy and dystopian.

“The club tried to pick books that most people have at least heard of,” said Megan Marples, head of the Friends of the Library club. “We want as many people to participate as possible.”

You can view the bracket in the library hall. Voting starts Thursday, March 16, and will be updated on March 22, March 28, March 31, April 3 and ends on April 5.