Corona puts on male and female versions of ’12 Angry Jurors’

Written by Nikki Dull, Staff Writer

On Feb. 9, 2017 CdS, TheatreWorks performed the play 12 Angry Jurors, directed by Rachel Rosen and Chris Carter.

The play consisted of two separate casts, a female cast (12 angry women) and a male cast (12 angry men).  While both performances followed the same plot, it was entertaining to watch as each group brought their own spin to the show.

12 Angry Jurors starts out in a jury room with jurors tired from a long trial regarding a murder case. They hope to reach a verdict as quickly as possible. The characters cast votes on whether they think the defendant is guilty or not. With only one juror thinking he is innocent and the other 11 thinking he is guilty, the play revolves around their decision, coming to an unexpected conclusion.

While all the performers were phenomenal, two stood out during the male performance and that was PJ Rivers who played Juror 3 and Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin. The whole play they argue back and forth with each other about the innocence of the defendant. They played well of each other’s energy making it a great show to watch.

The female cast was also amazing and it was very clear to see the passion all of the actresses had while performing.

Unlike most plays by CdS TheatreWorks, the audience of 12 Angry Jurors sat on stage and surrounded the actors and actresses while they performed, allowing spectators to feel more involved and really seeing the performer’s reactions.

The lighting was simple and there were limited props, but everything fit the scene. With lots of moving around from the actors/actresses there was never a boring moment.

There were never parts that were confusing and despite the different stage setup, everything was easy to follow. The entire time I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. There were many different twists and turns that kept the audience wanting more.

This play has been my favorite performance from CdS TheatreWorks this year and I am excited to see what more they have in store.