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Corona offers new ‘safe spaces’

Nick Chambers, Staff Writer

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During such a time of chaotic divide, some want to assure others that they are secure and welcome in their schools, homes, and communities. To demonstrate this, here at Corona, you may see signs posted outside the doors of your teacher’s classrooms reading “This is a safe place for all students.” Although it is a rather simple poster, it can bring a great amount of comfort.

“We wanted something visible for students to know where they can go to find a safe space,” Jesus Contreras said.

The leader of the GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) Club, Contreras wanted to students to be aware of what teachers they can go to in order to talk, sit, and feel secure. With only 20 posters currently made, there are more on their way and they are in high demand.

Some students may feel that this is sheltering our youth and that safe spaces do not exist in reality. Although, in the real world, there will be challenges, and there will be differences—sometimes polarizing— in opinions. You will deal with this on a daily basis. Safe spaces in schools prepare students for the diversity of life and allow for tolerance.

In modern America, it is clear that our acceptance is deteriorating. After the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, it is clear that some do not see others as equals.

One may argue that some are simply too sensitive, and that the government works for us all. They may feel that our President is for the people and that he is not prejudiced. To this, I ask, is the rolling back of same sex marriage not intolerant? Is the banning of Muslims not fear mongering built off of a stereotype? Is speaking of women in a violent and objectifying manner not wrong? Is threatening to bar those searching for a better form of living not cruel?

As a nation continuing to progress and grow, we must recognize that everyone obtains a different lifestyle. That is what is so amazing about America. It does not exclude and it does not judge. But, we seem to forget this.

This is why we need these safe spaces. To shelter those in need. To assure that everyone’s voice is heard. To allow our students to grow and blossom in an environment that is safe. To make all feel welcome.

You may not agree with everyone’s opinions and choices, but this does not justify hatred and intolerance. As we move toward the future, we should work toward making our nation a place where all are judged solely on their character. A safe space for everyone, for America was built on the foundation of acceptance. A place for anyone in need.


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Corona offers new ‘safe spaces’