Tips to survive third quarter, perform better in school


Written by Lauren Puffer, Staff Writer/ Photographer

With the increased workload that always seems to come with the third quarter of school, I often experience exhaustion and doze off during class or have trouble focusing because I have so many other things going on in my mind. Keeping a schedule is difficult when teachers shout homework at you as you are leaving their classroom and sleep is harder to get because you are working so hard at home. Procrastination is also at an all time high for me around this quarter because of the discouraging amount of work to be done seems near impossible to finish.

If you’ve been where I am, you could potentially benefit from a few of my tips and tricks on surviving the third quarter. For starters, you can’t always be thinking about tasks and clogging your head with lists of things. Write a list when you get home or when you think of something that has to be done. After you’ve written a list, give yourself a chance to breathe before you begin working; read an article, draw a picture, make a snack, take a short nap. By giving your brain a cleanse you are allowing for your creativity to manifest within your scholarly mindset, making you a more efficient worker.

When you doze off during a lecture or don’t understand a concept, take it at your own pace and use one of the many educational tools that the internet has to offer. For instance, I had an APUSH test coming up this week so I watched chapter reviews on YouTube to refresh my memory and be sharp for the test. I also watched a few Kahn Academy videos to help me in my PreCalculus class. My potential to learn efficiently and effectively has expanded with the help of these educational aids. We are blessed to have the internet at our disposal, we might as well use it.

Lastly, you need to ensure that you are taking time to yourself everyday. To me this is an hour or two of watching my current favorite show Shameless. While grades are important, so is your happiness. Make sure that you get your own satisfaction out of everyday. This might helped you sleep better as well. It is not natural for the human body to feel such long periods of stress. Being in our primitive “fight or flight” mode all the time can have negative mental and physical changes in the body. This goes hand-in-hand with getting enough sleep. Sleep will help you in school as it allows your brain the time it needs to process and store information. It is also your body’s natural way of regenerating and recovering itself.

Don’t fall behind this quarter. Remember to balance your tasks accordingly and take care of yourself in the process.