Donald Trump’s inauguration speech ‘painted a dark image’


Written by Melanie Furman, Copy Editor

After listening then reading President Donald Trump’s inaugural address, with mild annoyances, I am curious to see how he is going to represent all Americans. He began his speech talking about unification and restoring America back to its greatness.

However, the mood of his speech quickly emulated the mood of the Republican National Convention: gloomy and terrible. Similar to his campaign, Trump painted a dark image of the state of America. To illustrate the “terrible” state of the country, Trump gave examples of the families in poverty and the children who are not receiving adequate education. While I may not agree with his means of a solution, I also they believe are an issue. I am still not convinced that he is the right person to be addressing these problems, especially when it comes to education, but at least he recognized that this is a reality for some Americans.

I do not agree with his image of the country, though. In fact, I believe the former president worked to create a more hopeful and tolerant United States, though intolerance still poisoned his goals. Yet, I can see how someone who did not agree with former president Barack Obama’s decisions can view his actions as something that hurt America.

There was one sentence near the end of Trump’s speech that stood out. It almost explained a huge factor why he won this presidential election. He said, “You will never be ignored again.” Hearing different reasons and explanations behind why people voted for Donald Trump, as well as seeing the analysis of where Trump campaigned and why, I noticed that quite of number of his voters were from uneducated or poor areas. These people felt they did not have a leader in D.C. fighting for them. Donald Trump was seen as that leader.

Trump made a respectable action after his inauguration. He took a moment to thank former President Bill Clinton and Secretary Hillary Clinton for attending. He was not obligated to say this, and it was a good choice on his part.

It is true I am apprehensive to see what he and Congress will do for the next few years, but his message was about giving America back to the people. So, the people, even the young ones, need to voice their concerns by voting in their elections and contacting their local representatives.