Reconnect with the Earth, live simply


Written by Lauren Puffer, Staff Writer/ Photographer

My past two themes for my blog entries were Mother Earth and emotional and mental balance but for this entry I will be tying the two together. One of the coolest naturopathic phenomena that I have experienced is called “earthing.” Earthing is the simple act of having physical contact with the natural earth for a long period of time and allowing it to transfer its electrons into your body. Earth’s negative charge creates the restoration of functions throughout the body including the mind. Not only has it proven effective for issues of psychological health, but also the help of your body. It helps with inflammation (which is one of the most serious aspects of any ailment), the prevention of diseases and is proven clinically therapeutic.

Back in the more primitive days, humans slept on the ground and walked around either barefoot or in thin sandals giving them a pretty much constant connection with the Earth’s primordial flow. However in modern day society it is harder to even find natural ground. Most of our modern civilization has been laid amongst cement foundations and constructed on top of the natural surface of the Earth. Modern man also wears shoes basically 24/7.  This habit separates us from the naturally occurring benefits of Earthing. However, there are ways that you can Earth in an Urban jungle.

After having a stressful day or experiencing irregular systems within your body you can go for a walk to a local park and sit with your shoes off for half an hour and recharge your body. In a hectic and stressful world such as the one we live in, it is important to stay balanced in order to simply keep up. Sometimes relying on the natural world can help us in the civilized world. I encourage you to try earthing whenever it is possible (in the grass, at the beach, in the dirt, etc.), returning to the elements can be a very clarifying and positive thing for all of us.