Create great study habits, and thank yourself later


Photo by Lauren Puffer

Written by Landon Douglas and


You want to create good study habits for yourself. Try to avoid cramming it all in at the last second, that will do you no good. It might help by getting a friend to come over and quiz you on some subjects.



They are a really helpful tool on finals because you can just rapid fire through them to remember the definitions and such. Also make sure you are in a quiet area so you can concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish.


Go to bed at a decent hour

You need as much sleep/rest as possible. Don’t stay up for any reason even if its for studying. “All else equal, students who generally got a good nights sleep preformed better on exams, “study co-author Dr. Stijn Baert, a researcher at Ghent University, said in a written statement. (The Huffington Post)


Big breakfast

You’re going to want to eat a big nutritious breakfast the morning of test day(s) so you can have lots of energy and are able to think. Some examples are: cereal, oatmeal, fruit, protein shakes, etc. If you feed your brain, it will produce!