Battlefield 1 lives up to high expectations

Written by Ethan Farrell, Staff Writer

Many modern first-person shooters take place in a futuristic time period. It has been a popular setting in video games, but has become rather exhausted. Gamers have been asking for a sweet release from jetpacks, hovercraft, and spaceships in major game titles, and DICE has delivered.

DICE is well known as the developer of the Battlefield franchise, which began in 2002, continually putting players in a realistic war setting, whether it be on the beaches at Normandy in WWII, or in modern combat scenarios in Iraq. Battlefield 4 brought players to modern combat in the South China Sea and Russia, but fans of the series did not want modern or futuristic combat for the next game. In response, DICE chose to take the franchise back to its roots and create Battlefield 1, which takes place during the WWI. Being among some of the first major games to take the plunge into this time of immense technological advancements in warfare, it is a fresh and exciting perspective to see. Within a week of its release, the first trailer had already gained the most ‘likes’ on a trailer on YouTube ever. It was clear this game would live up to expectations.

Portraying any war both realistically and respectfully can be a daunting task, especially in the case of WWI. DICE chose to go on a different-than-usual route for the single player portion of the game by introducing War Stories. WWI was a global event, and the developer chose to portray that by making multiple shorter campaigns that take place on many different fronts of the war. Skirmishes between the United Kingdom, the Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Italy, among others, are present. Though it may be short, the single player portion does a good job of providing exciting gameplay, while also educating the player on the brutality of The Great War.

The multiplayer goes above and beyond. Environments are extremely well done, managing to both look good, and encourage proper flow of gameplay. Dynamic weather is present, which allows storms and fog to roll in without notice, limiting visibility and changing tactics across the map. Being a game based on team play, it is important that the four classes players can choose from are all balanced with one another, and are able to perform their role effectively. DICE clearly made an effort to make this a reality, and it lends to making the gameplay as realistic as possible.

Combat is implemented in a perfectly vicious way, with a large variety of melee weapons to choose from that make close-quarters encounters deadly. The array of guns, though smaller than in recent games, has enough diversity so that each one feels like it plays its role in a unique way. Tanks feel extremely powerful, and they should, being new technology in the time period, but aren’t over-powered by any means. This installment in the franchise has also introduced the Behemoths, large vehicles of warfare that will come to the aid of a team that is losing by a large gap. Armored trains, zeppelins and Dreadnought class Battleships all provide heavy firepower to those who know how to use them.

By taking the risk of not following the modern combat trend in gaming, DICE has brought old and new fans of the franchise a game that will certainly provide years of fun gameplay. The game came out on Oct. 21 and has received overwhelmingly positive reviews.