Popular gifts to make you the hit of your Christmas party

Written by Haley Spracale, Staff Writer

As the holiday season gets closer more and more people start heading out to purchase gifts for their friends and family. If you aren’t sure what to get for that special someone, here’s a wrap-up of some of the hottest gifts this season.

Pie Face board game

This game is becoming larger than life — literally. With its own segment on Ellen and videos of people playing this new game all over Youtube, Pie Face is a cheap, family-friendly game. The only material you need to buy other than the game is a can of whipped-cream. Be warned, this is game doesn’t come without the possibility of a big mess. You can buy Pie Face for $15 on Amazon.

VR Headset

This the perfect gift for the gamer or technology geek in your life. VR, which stands for virtual reality, allows you to experience movies and games in a whole new way. The headset allows for you to see your movie or game in a 360-degree view. Headsets start at $15 and up on Amazon depending on the quality.

S’well water bottles

Out with the old, and in with the new. While the Hydroflask water bottle is still popular, S’well water bottles are on the rise. Ranging in size and color, S’well bottles provide sleeker look compared to a Hydroflask. S’well is also partnered with UNICEF, American Forest and Drink Up to help give back through the sale of certain bottles. Depending on size and style, S’well bottles range from $22 to $51.

Smartphone projector

Enjoy your Netflix shows on a larger screen with a smartphone projector. While projectors range in size and price, you can now easily project your shows onto a wall or screen by simply hooking your phone up to a portable projector. Projectors also come in handy for a cute movie date out in the cold. Mid-priced projector start at $50 and you can find them on Amazon.


View the world from a new angle with drones. Arizona state law allows for the flying of drones as long as they don’t interfere with police or fire department operations. As technology improves, more and more starter drones enter the market making it a perfect gift especially for a photographer. Beginner drones start at $40 on Amazon, while more advanced models can cost around $1000.