Corona Dance show “The Nutcracker” preview

Written by Lauren Puffer, Staff Writer/ Photographer

For the past few years, Corona dance program has performed the Nutcracker for its winter dance show. In the past the dancers incorporated many modern elements into the show while still maintaining the original story of the Nutcracker.

“I come from a ballet background so being able to take the traditional Nutcracker story and set it on a high school stage  and incorporate all different styles of dance is a lot of fun,” dance teacher Elizabeth Pease said.

Pease said that the show has something for everybody.

“We have everything from snowflakes that dance and ribbons and flowers and props,” Pease said. “We really try to make sure that everyone in our audience is entertained, so it’s a lot of variety.”

The Corona dance program primarily focuses on contemporary, jazz, and hip hop dance, but it always adds something different to its shows. Just like in years past, Corona dance will be introducing a new style of dance to the show that it hasn’t yet done before.

“For this show in particular we’re incorporating a lot of dance from different world cultures; we have a Bollywood number and we have an Irish step dance number,” Pease said. “We’re trying to really incorporate the whole ‘around the world’ theme in the land in the kingdom of the sweets.”

Dancers started preparing for the show right after fall break and have been practicing religiously since. Every class has at least four dance numbers: an opening number and production number (which all of the classes perform together), as well as two class dances. With all of the hard work that goes into preparing for a story like this, Pease is proud of her students.

“This is my third year at Corona and everything feels so good,” Dobyns said. “This show hasn’t been difficult to put together; it really has been a joy. I have the best kids and I have everyone that really wants to be here and are working hard.”

In this year’s production, the Sugar Plum Fairy dance is performed by senior Sophia Betcher and junior Skyler Mendoza dances in the role of Clara.

“She (Skyler) is really shining in the role of Clara,” Pease said. “And that’s another cool thing about this Nutcracker production is while we do focus on other dance styles, we still pay honor to the traditional Nutcracker and a lot of the elements.”

Pease’s favorite part about putting on this show is “seeing the magic come alive.”

” I love to see and hear the dancers feel proud and feel good about the performances that put on,” Pease said. “I love to hear the feedback from the audience. I just love the magic of opening night and watching it all come together.”

Opening night is today and there will be another show on Saturday. Assigned floor seating tickets are available in the bookstore for $7. Lecture hall seating tickets are also available at the door for $5.