I loved it, it’s perfect, don’t change


Written by Celeste Hayes, Staff Writer/ Photographer

When I first heard that Corona’s TheatreWorks was putting on a musical, I was excited, and when I heard that it hadn’t put one on in 10 years, I became extremely curious. I wondered just how they were going to pull this off. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know if Corona had the talent to pull off a musical.

I was happily surprised with the first few acts. Theatre Works definitely proved themselves in its acting and singing abilities by pulling off I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change. It was a whimsical play that didn’t really have a set storyline. The lack of a storyline made the play intriguing and sweet. The scenes moved at a quick pace, never leaving any time for the audience to become bored. The play captured the real emotions felt with the complexity of love. Stories ranged from dating, marriage, divorce and the difficulties within each one.

The music was amazing. I cannot express more the beauty of the piano player, junior Ben Sandberg’s abilities. The piano was continuously playing throughout the entire musical, only taking a break during intermission. Sandberg’s music in the background helped transition from storyline to storyline during the musical. The singing of course, was also absolute perfection. A lot of the songs were light and often funny, adding to the story that particular scene was depicting. The actors were fantastic singers and captured the emotions the songs portrayed perfectly and were funny and charismatic. I adored each character and felt a real connection with them and their unique story.

Set wise, the musical was classic and clean. I loved the simplicity of the backdrop and the piano being center stage. The lighting was magnificently timed; the extra effects were spectacular and the costumes fitting for each character. TheatreWorks did an fantastic job at portraying everything. Characters were truly created out of costumes as simple as a pair of glasses or a tennis racket. I was extremely impressed with this production and even went back the next night to watch it again. I enjoyed every moment, and hope to see more musicals from TheatreWorks.