September Trends Part Two


Written by David Gomez , Staff Writer

Chubbies- I am a huge fan of Chubbies, or the “7 inch seam,” shorts. I started getting into these just this year; they go just above the knees. I personally feel awkward and weird when wearing shorts that go below the knees, and also living in Arizona it is a perfect way to stay cool but look even better. These shorts are definitely a way to make any shirt or outfit pop. It is more of a California beach boy look, which if you are shooting for that, these are the place to start. Chubbies can be ordered online at their website, but can also be found at stores such as H&M or Forever 21 (Forever Men). At their website: these shorts price can vary from $39.50-$69.50


Fossil Watches- Watches seem to been on the rise with both men and women. I personally am a fan of Fossil watches. They are not only trendy but can be purchased for a reasonable price. Flashy, but not over the top like some watches, I usually stick with a silver stainless steel watch simply because it goes with practically every outfit. These watches can be found at stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom, or you could just go to the Fossil store located in the mall. These watches can be purchased anywhere from $89.99 to $325.00 at

Ankle Bracelets- Recently I have noticed more ankle bracelets being worn around campus. Both men and women can wear these to just express themselves. I have seen ones with seashells and a few just colored ones. These can only go with certain outfits though. If you wear a seashell bracelet, it has to be with a beach themed outfit. If you wear a colored athletic outfit, make sure it matches the same color as your athletic attire. Seashell anklets can be bought at or in even on the a beach in California for varying prices of $8.00 to $40.00.

Dutch Bros- I do not know exactly where I stand on this trend. I personally am a fan of the Ocean Water Rebel Iced (Blue raspberry, coconut, and lime flavoring mixed with an energy drink), but also I am wondering if this energizing drink will eventually die down. I walk past about 15-20 people a day carrying one of these delightful beverages. Not that I am against it, but will Dutch Bros be just like Starbucks? Something new will come along and not as many people will be purchasing from Dutch Bros? I believe that answer would be a yes. The closest Dutch Bros location from Corona is on Rural and Guadalupe. A 16oz. is $3.50, 24oz. is $4.75, and a 32oz. is $6.75.