Corona del Sol football drops to 1-2 after loss to Mountain View

Written by Jake Pyatt, Sports Editor

One week after the Aztecs got their first win under their belt against the La Joya Lobos, they failed to continue the trend, falling 28-7 to Mountain View.

“We played really hard defensively,” Head Coach Richard Mettlach said. “The offense kind of spittered and sputtered. We just couldn’t finish drives where we weren’t real consistent.”

Mountain View took just over a minute to score on its first drive of the game giving the Toros the upper hand early in the game. The Aztecs trailed by 14 going into the half and then trailed by 21 going into the fourth.

“We are too generous at times,” Mettlach said. “We had a couple blown covers early which gave them a couple easy ones. After that I think the defense played their butt off.”

The offense struggled throughout the game, failing to score until the fourth quarter on a touchdown pass from Austin Helt.

“It’s just the little things,” senior offensive lineman Matt Fick said. “We just need to get it together then it’ll click.”

The Aztecs went for it on fourth down three times but only converted on one late in the fourth quarter.

The big overall message for the entire team was “coming together” as the Aztecs failed to capitalize on many scoring opportunities.

“It has to start with the seniors,” Mettlach said. “Talk is cheap. I can talk until I’m blue in my face. If they don’t buy in, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

The Aztecs will travel to Cesar Chavez next week to try to get their record to 2-2.

“We just have to go back to what we do,” Mettlach said. “We have to practice hard and cut down on the mistakes; the rest will take care of itself.