Nenaber takes over Nero’s reign as Athletic Director

Written by Jake Pyatt, Sports Editor

With the retirement of athletic director Dan Nero, Corona was in search of a new athletic director. The school found its new AD in former head football coach Cory Nenaber.

“It’s really exciting,” Nenaber said. “To get to have input and get to make an impression on all of athletics at Corona is pretty exciting.”

Nenaber was the athletic director at Maricopa High before coming over to become the football coach for the Aztecs two years ago.

“I always wanted to get back into administration,” Nenaber said. “I feel a calling to do that. When I was at Maricopa the only job I would have left for is Corona. I always had envisioned potentially being athletic director at Corona. I didn’t know it would happen so quickly.”

With Nenaber going to take over as athletic director, that means there is now an opening for a new head football coach.

“We want to try to hire the right person,” Nenaber said, “to continue to moving our football program forward. I think we’ve made some good changes over the last couple years and we want to see that continue for the players and their parents.”

Nenaber has made many great relationships as the football coach. He is looking forward to creating even more relationships with even more student athletes and coaches.

Nero believes Nenaber will do a great job taking over.

“He is an Aztec through and through,” Nero said. “He has great common sense, has been a athletic director and most of all really cares about kids and wants what is best for our students.”

“The fun part about me being an AD is being able to help coaches grow,” Nenaber said. “Taking my experience as a head coach and athletic director and being involved in multiple sports. Be a person of support for (the coaches) and try to impact more kids and help the athletic department.”

Nenaber wants to see continued success with athletics.

“We’ve done a great job here at Corona,” Nenaber said. “I don’t know if there’s any one thing I want to go in and change immediately. First year is going to kind of be an evaluation of ‘what do we do, how do we do it.’ It’s maintaining that level of excellence we’ve always had here.”