Vice Versa performs one last time at Sozo Coffee House


Photo by Dion Deguzman

Vice Versa performs a song at Sozo Coffee House. The band was formed just over two years ago and has been performing alternative music at its gigs.

Written by Carson Pyatt, Online Editor in Chief

Just over two years ago, Corona students Bailee McCook, Savannah Johnston, Sebastian Molina, Jordan Dragon and Mackenzie Tanquary formed a band known as Vice Versa. The band members sang, played guitar, bass and later on found drummer Nikki Hinshaw. On Friday, April 29 Vice Versa played its final gig at Sozo Coffee House. While the band was without Tanquary, as she was out of town, they still gave an outstanding performance.

Alternative music is the forte of Vice Versa’s repertoire, so it was no surprise its set consisted of various alternative songs. The band played a set full of previous fan favorites, including “Left Hand Free” by alt-J and “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. Although the set didn’t feature any new songs, I was pleased with the decision to play the songs that had been performed by the band for years. The audience was able to hear their covers of songs one last time. They played three original songs as well: “Deep Blue, ”“Beaches” and “Half Moon.” I enjoyed hearing the songs the band members wrote themselves, as I personally find it difficult to believe that high school students could create so many unique and easy-to-listen to songs. After ending the set, the crowd requested the band play the song “Africa” by TOTO. Dragon, McCook, Johnston and Tanquary performed this song at the 2014 Pops concert, which made them decide to form Vice Versa. It was a wonderful way to come full circle and end the night.

This was not the first time Vice Versa had played at Sozo; the band was a venue favorite. I had visited Sozo many times to hear Vice Versa play, and on their last gig Sozo made sure to let the band know how appreciated the band was. The venue was nice as always, and it felt like a little family; the couches and tables made it seem almost like a living room where friends could hang out and listen to the music.

While I am sad that Vice Versa is ending its tenure as a band, I know that each member has incredible talent that will never cease to impress me. I have enjoyed listening to the band each time I have seen the members play, and it impresses me that a group of a few sophomores created a band that has gained so many followers and fans from Corona and other schools. I know that I am not the only Vice Versa fan who is sad that I won’t hear Vice Versa Play again anytime soon, but am thankful that the band has given me good music to listen to.