Final dance show “Evolve” featured unique theme


Photo by Maria Martin

Members of Corona Dance perform a dance themed after the 1700s. This was their last dance show of the school year.

Written by Brenna Bochenek, Production Editor

For their final production of 2016, dance teacher Elizabeth Dobyns and her CdS dance students put together an elaborate performance with the theme “Evolve.” The show took place on April 21 and 22 and featured dances from many genres, such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop and ballet. Because of the “Evolve” theme, each dance represented a different period in time, starting back at 200,000 B.C. and continuing chronologically until the finale, which was a dance meant to represent the future for the CdS dance seniors.

This dance show did not list the names of the songs used in the performance in its program but gave each dance a title pertaining to the time period which it represented. For example, the opening act was titled “200,000 B.C.: Appearance of Homo Sapiens.” While I very much enjoyed the theme of the show and thought the dances were very well done, I felt as though the show relied too heavily upon informative videos to transition between pieces. I understood that the videos in-between songs were meant to educate the audience and provide time for the dancers to change and be ready for the next song, but they took up an exorbitant amount of time, and difficulties with the projectors at the start of the show made Friday’s performance run longer than two hours.

Despite the technical difficulties in Act I, the theme of the show was established well with dances depicting man’s transition from Homo Sapien to Roman Emperor and the show was back on track by Act II.  Covering the time period of 1492-1776, Act II contained a few of my favorite performances such as “1760: The Industrial Revolution Begins” and “1780: British Regency: Pride and Prejudice.” But the highlight of this act was definitely “1788: Ludwig van Beethoven Begins Composing Music” which was a ballet-style performed by Pointe club.

After intermission Act III continued its journey through history, starting with the Civil War in 1861, and taking the audience all the way to present day. My personal favorites from this act included “1920: The Roaring Twenties,” “1939: World War I: Life on the Home Front” and “1950s: Post War Era: Bossa Nova.” As is Corona tradition, one of the performances featured the senior dance members as well as a senior male counterpart of their choice. The senior boys joined the senior girls onstage to perform “2000: The World Celebrates Turn of the Century” which featured mostly hip hop, and was funny to watch. The show’s finale was merely titled “The Future” and featured all the senior members of Corona’s Dance Co. This futuristic dance seemed to represent the seniors heading off into the world to face the challenges and the promise of tomorrow.