TheaterWorks ends year with comical play

Written by Faryal Ashraf, Staff Writer

Corona del Sol’s TheatreWorks program debuted its last play of the year on April 8th and 9th. Students performed Billy St. John’s Figments, a comedic play dealing with the mental and physical life of a playwright suffering from writer’s block. This play was directed by drama teacher Nick Taylor.

This play opened with a young woman, Veronica (senior Janelle Kinsey), rushing into an apartment and finding her mortally wounded lover, David (senior Chase Wagner), bleeding in the closet. As Veronica tried to run into a hallway she is confronted by her brother-in-law, Winston (sophomore Kohei Nelson), with whom she had been having an affair. Winston prepares to shoot her, but he is interrupted by his wife, Louise (senior Asia Nation). As the climax is reached, it is made evident that this is a scene running through the mind of writer Rick, (senior Q. Redmond), who is struggling to write his next play. Rick is also facing problems telling the lovely Loni (sophomore Hannah Brudnock), how he loves her and is troubled when he finds out she is dating Matt (senior Khang Nguyen).

Rick is afraid that his overpowering mother (Alli Hayes) will drive away Loni as she drove away Rick’s former girlfriend, Sarah (sophomore Samayah Smiley). Throughout the play, there are subconscious forms of Rick (junior Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin), Matt (sophomore Will Reininga), Loni (freshman Cassaundra Mora), and Mama (senior Kylie Rose). Rick is also given advice by his deceased father (Gabe Martinez), whose remains are carried around in an urn by Mama. Rick mentally argues with himself on how to woo Loni, and how to finish the play. After much struggle, both mentally and physically, Rick realizes a perfect ending for the play, and confesses his feeling to Loni, who returns them, and he proposes to her. Rick tells Mama how he feels about her, and the newly engaged couple convinces Mama that Loni will keep both of them happy.

The play was very well performed and the audio and lighting was perfect. Each cast member did a fantastic job of playing their character and had flawless acting skills. This play featured some new cast members, all of whom performed very well. It did feature some more adult themes, with the language being more free and mature than usual. The idea of presenting a play that transcends the typical expectations of a high school play was executed perfectly by the cast. Although it was difficult to follow the first few minutes, everything fell into place as the play went along. The play was well received by the audience and laughter was echoing through the auditorium for most of the play. This production crossed the boundaries of typical plays performed at Corona and did it splendidly.