New civics exam required for graduation

Written by Faryal Ashraf, Staff Writer

The State of Arizona has set another requirement for future graduates: passing the Arizona Civics Test. Students starting from the graduating class of 2017 will be required to pass this test in order to graduate high school.

Corona principal Brent Brown confirmed that students will need to receive a minimum of a ‘D’ or higher in order to graduate.

“This year’s juniors will be required to pass the civics test with a minimum of a 60 percent to graduate high school,” Brown said. “The state of Arizona has made that decision that all students need to be equally proficient in our civics understanding as someone who is becoming a U.S. citizen.”

Brown also said the civics test will test students over topics similar to that of the United States citizenship test.

“If it is not the same test, it’s very similar to the test that someone who is going through the naturalization process is required to take,” Brown said.

Brown confirmed that the opportunity to take the exam is endless.

“Students can take it as many times as they want, so long as they pass it,” Brown said.

Brown said that in the foreseeable future, this test would be required to be taken by middle school students as well.

“Eventually the test will be given in the eighth grade, so the only kids taking it in high school would be those who didn’t pass it in eighth grade,” Brown said.

Junior Abigail Jacobs, who recently took the test, said that it isn’t difficult for those who are prepared.

“The test was 100 questions and I thought it was pretty general; it wasn’t too hard,” Jacobs said. “Since I’m taking U.S. History, it helped me because it was about the government system for the United States.”

There are also incentives available for students who qualify; see the posters next to the library for reference.