Corona plans to implement recycling changes

Written by Megan Marples, Life and Times Editor

Recycling is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to help take care of the planet. Whether it is a water bottle or a few pieces of paper, every item counts. With a school as large as Corona, it is environmentally conscientious to have a solid recycling program on campus. In the past few weeks, recycling has been put on hold due to numerous issues with the current system.

“We realized that those big blue bins were not going to work for us anymore because maintenance couldn’t pick them up,” recycling committee member Courtney D’Angelico said.

Because a maintenance member hurt themselves lifting the recycle bins, the program was immediately stopped–but only temporarily. A small recycling committee of teachers and administration brainstormed various solutions to the issue. After much debate, a conclusion was reached.

Large dumpsters have been ordered to replace the old ones. The new ones include special openings for maintenance workers to use a forklift to move the bins. This minimizes their chance to hurt themselves, along with making the recycling program more efficient. Principal Brent Brown, another member of the recycling committee, stresses the importance of Corona student and teacher participation in the new program.

“Our plan is that each teacher in their classroom is responsible for their own small blue bins,” Brown said. “Responsible meaning you are looking in that blue bin, determining whether or not it’s actually recyclable with your class and then having a few students rotate every week to go take it out at the end of the hallway and dumping it.”

Until those new recycling dumpsters arrive, a temporary system has been put in place. Every Tuesday and Thursday during the first 10 minutes of third hour, students are able to dump recycling in the bins behind maintenance.

The recycling committee is confident that the new program will create a more eco-friendly campus. Even with a new program, it is every student and staff member’s responsibility for making the program a success.