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TheaterWorks performes historic and literary show

Faryal Ashraf, Staff Writer

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Corona del Sol’s second play of the year was Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, produced by TheatreWorks. This play was a bit lengthier than the last, Star Wars: The Abridged Version, and featured two acts with five scenes all together and was around two hours long.

The play is set in Salem, Mass., a quiet, religious town at the time being rocked by mysteriously ill children and witch trials.Various women in Salem are accused of attempting or doing the work of devil. One of these accused witches was Abigail Williams (junior Sadie Scheufler), the niece of a town clergyman, Reverend Parris (junior Quinn Nissen). She is accused of doing evil deeds but adamantly denies.However, Abigail had been having an affair with John Proctor (sophomore Teddy Ladley), a cardinal sin for Puritans, and many of her actions are fueled by spite and jealousy. Out of her resentment, Abigail accuses John’s wife of being a witch and she is to stand trial. The trial of Elizabeth Proctor (senior Kylie Rose) is a long and arduous one. Elizabeth stands trial and due to an outbursts by her husband, she is freed of her charges and John is accused of lying and the work of the devil and is set to be hanged. This marks the end of The Crucible.

The play was well performed and the emotion presented by certain characters was absolutely astounding. In various tense scenes, the auditorium was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Every emotion was so genuine and powerful and each scream had a powerful grip on the attention of the audience. Lighting in the first scene did appeal to the mood of the scene but made it difficult to see the faces of some characters. Throughout the play, the audience was straining to hear what the characters were saying, even those sitting in the first few rows. The only things that could be heard clearly were those spoken in anger. The sound did get better at some points, but in the next scene, it was once again difficult to hear what the actors was saying.

The play was a little difficult to comprehend if one did not have any knowledge of The Crucible, but as the play went on, things started to make a little more sense. Even after the play, people were left scratching their heads in confusion, trying to put the pieces together.

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TheaterWorks performes historic and literary show