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Alternative band releases genius third album

Patricia Stoica, Staff Writer

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I’ve been a fan of New York-based rockers New Politics since last fall, but what solidified my appreciation of the band was seeing them live. The first time was when it opened for Fall Out Boy and Paramore on Monumentour, and the second, more recent occasion was when it played Pot Of Gold festival in March.  Each time I’ve been increasingly impressed and began looking forward to anything the band would be doing. I’ve listened to its second album A Bad Girl In Harlem a decent amount and I liked it well enough, but honestly, I don’t think I would be interested in New Politics if it wasn’t for its live show. Like Paramore, New Politics is one of those bands that sounds better live than in studio. On Aug. 14, New Politics’ third album, Vikings, was released and now my interest for them will be fueled by more than just its live show.

Vikings is a more mature, more smartly produced album than New Politics’ last, and it’s definitely spread out more in regards to musical direction. The album ranges from huge choruses to daydreamy verses and dramatic ballads. The men of New Politics are great songwriters– they know exactly what they’re doing. There are only a few moments on the album where it feels like they’ve made a misstep, but those moments are few and far and in between.

“15 Dreams” and “50 Feet Tall” are both genius songs– the first fast paced, one of the catchiest/best songs from Vikings, if not from their entire career. The latter is a wonderful punk rock move– a song that is simply full of life. Actually, it sounds a lot like “Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf. It has the same great vibe and same kind of catchiness.

My favorite song might be a track called “Pretend We’re In A Movie,” which is probably the happiest song on the album. It features lyrics that feel like they capture the signature New Politics quality its songs have: “My nuclear world/Full of cars and girls/Crashing out on a wave/I’m waving goodbye to the Kerosene skies.”

They’ve also got a track on Vikings called “Lovers In A Song” that strongly channels Brit rockers Arctic Monkeys’ sound. It’s a good song, to be sure. However, when you sound so much like another band, even just on one song, isn’t that a lack of creative integrity? To be fair, most of the similarity lies in the singing style. And it’s still a wonderfully suave, cool song, so I’ll be considering it a serious effort to expand upon their style.

I’m thoroughly pleased with Vikings and New Politics. The band has created an impeccably solid record, and definitely topped its previous releases. New Politics is playing School d’AZ 2015: A NOW Music Festival By ALT AZ in Mesa on Oct. 28 and I’m very excited to see it again.

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Alternative band releases genius third album