Choir concert leaves audience anxiously awaiting more performances


Photo by Maria Martin

Members of Encore gesture the the audience during their set. Choir preformed their first show of the year on Sept. 24 and 26.

Written by Brenna Bochenek, Production Editor

On Sept. 24 and 26, CdS Choir held its first performances of the year. I’ve found that the fall concert is a great way to get excited about the choir program and learn about the many events that CdS choir has throughout the year.

To kick off the evening, all five choirs joined together to sing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Following the combined performance, Men’s Chorus took to the stage to perform “Viva Tutti” and “Seize the Day” from the broadway musical, Newsies, which featured charming choreography. Men’s Chorus also performed a somber piece titled “Soldier’s Elegy,” which is a contemporary adaptation of a poem written by a British soldier about World War I.

Following Men’s Chorus was Encore, which sang “Gloria Patri” and a German Renaissance piece titled “Mein Feinslieb.” To end its set, Encore also performed a fun, upbeat rendition of “September” by Earth, Wind, & Fire, which included a solo by sophomore Tatum Stolworthy.

Next up were the Jaztecs singing “Exultate Deo” and an English Renaissance piece, “Weep O Mine Eyes.” Jaztecs also performed “God Only Knows,” which featured senior soloists Riley O’Neill and Logan Hatton. To finish their set, Jaztecs performed a lively rendition of “Rock This Town,” which included fantastic choreography.

After a brief intermission, Women’s Ensemble took the stage. They performed “The Water is Wide,” “It’s My Party” and a fun French piece titled “Je le Vous Dirai.”

For the final set of the evening, A Capella took the stage to perform “In a Consort of Voices.” A Capella also performed “Nyon Nyon,” which was by far the most entertaining piece of the evening, featuring unique choreography by senior Madison Stratton. To end the night, A Capella was joined onstage by ASU Professor and gifted pianist Jason Thompson to perform a gospel piece titled “A City Called Heaven.” During this performance, senior Bianca Arevalo performed an extended solo for the majority of the song. This piece was by far my favorite of the evening as A Capella seemed to come alive and sounded amazing with the choir’s accompaniment.

Based on the fun and entertaining performances of the evening, I am anxiously waiting to see what CdS choir has in store for it’s next concert.