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Fine art credits no longer required by in-state university

Kasey Ruthardt, Staff Writer

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Effective immediately, students no longer need a fine art credit for admission into any Arizona State University. This is a difference from the statement pounded into our minds freshman year saying that you have to have a fine art to get into a university. Many times people take a fine art their first year just to get it over with, but others get involved with a specific elective that they love and want to do all four years.

They don’t always have that option, though, because they have to have the fine art taken care of. They’ll take a year off of their favorite elective, or instead of being able to take two science classes they have to give up getting ahead for their fine art credit.

“I took ceramics to take a credit that I needed. If it was my choice I would have taken early childhood because that’s what I really want to do,” said Junior Michaela Gatti. “But now it’s too late to drop the elective so I have to finish ceramics and take Early Childhood next year.

Starting this year, no in state university is requiring a fine art credit from high school students. For many students this is a breath of relief and a weight lifted off their shoulders, especially if they have yet to take a fine art.

“Students also need to be careful if they are planning to attend college out of state,” Guidance counselor Angela Cart said. “Some universities still require the Fine Art, so they need to research their colleges thoroughly when choosing their classes.”

While this is a big change for people hoping to attend any university in the state of Arizona, students still need to be careful of where they want to apply. An option is always going to a community college or in state university for undergraduate school then transferring out of state for graduate school. A combination of either two fine arts or CTE credits are still necessary for graduation.

“Another aspect is that many students want to take a half schedule their senior year,” Carter said. “If they took a full schedule, they would have even more room to take additional courses, so it wouldn’t be an issue. As a counselor, I suggest students take a full schedule their senior year if possible. Why cut back just when you are about to face the rigor of college?”

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Fine art credits no longer required by in-state university