‘Star Wars: Abridged’ exceeds expectations


Photo by Maria Martin

Hans Solo (Teddy Ladley) and Princess Leia (Alli Hayes) argue in a scene from the play. The abridged version left the audience laughing hysterically at eh comedic approach.

Written by Faryal Ashraf, Staff Writer

Corona del Sol’s TheatreWorks program started the year off strong with an abridged version of the ever popular Star Wars series. The play clocked in to be around an hour long and delivered the full Star Wars experience.

The play started off with a young Luke Skywalker (Kohei Nelson), who finds out that he could be trained to become something more. Luke is trained by the wise Obi Wan Kenobi (Chase Wagner), the same person who trained Luke’s father before him. Luke makes a daring rescue and saves the lovely Princess Leia (Alli Hayes), who actually turns out to be his sister. He saved her from the nefarious Darth Vader (Q Redmond), with help from the somewhat vain Han Solo (Teddy Ladley) and his trusty partner, Chewbacca (Kylie Rose), The group are all accompanied by C3PO (Quinn Nissen) and R2D2.

After saving Leia and having Obi Wan Kenobi face Darth Vader, the hero team flees. Luke eventually is trained by Yoda (Will Reininga), and finds out who his true biological father is: Darth Vader. After being trained by Yoda, Luke goes to save his friends, after previously having a vision that they were in trouble. The rag tag hero team (minus Luke) is led by Hans to meet his friend, the untrustworthy Lando (Alex Schatzki-Lumpkin), and are stuck in a tight position. Luke saves them, then decides to finally face his father. Darth Vader has an alliance with the Emperor (Khang Nguyen).

Throughout the play, Luke is urged to turn to the dark side not only by Darth Vader, but by the Emperor too. Luke engages in a battle with his father and defeats him. Leia and Hans finally (somewhat) agree to become a couple.

At first, the play was a little hard to get a grip on, especially if the viewer had no knowledge about Star Wars. However, as the play went on, it made much more sense. It was hard to understand what some of the cast members were saying at times, but that didn’t seem to be too much of a problem. The cast was fabulous and added to the humor factor to the show. The play in general was absolutely hilarious and was received very well by the entire audience. For most of the play, the entire audience, young and old, was laughing. There didn’t seem to be any obvious flubs in the play and it was quite impressive watching the cast perform Star Wars. Star Wars has numerous episodes, each being around two hours long, delivered in such a professional manner.