Hard Rock dance sure to be a touchdown


Photo by Lauren Puffer

A student purchases a Hard Rock shirt from the bookstore. The Hard Rock Dance will be held Friday, Sept. 4.

Written by Celeste Hayes, Staff Writer/ Photographer

Dancing the night away seems to be the plan on Sept. 4. Corona’s first home football game of the season is also the same night as another awesome event here on campus: The Hard Rock dance.

But what is the Hard Rock dance?

“It’s an old tradition from a long time ago,” Student Council sponsor Ben Forbes said. “We have it immediately after the football game.”

Following the Sept. 4 football game versus St. Mary High School, all Corona students who are attending the dance head over to the large gym, to dance the night away. Tickets for this dance are not your typical tickets. In fact, they are T-shirts bearing the Hard Rock Logo that are available for purchase in the bookstore for $10.

The tickets are not the only unconventional part of the Hard Rock dance. Normally, high school dances are events in which students get dressed up. However, Hard Rock is a much more laid back dance than Homecoming or Sadies.

“It’s a great casual dance,” Forbes said. “Were going to have food there. Snow cones, a great DJ, and cookies too.”

The dance welcomes all CdS students.

“We’re guessing it’ll end around 11:30,” Class council sponsor Bailee Roth said.

A set time will be established; listen for announcements. It’s sure to be a touchdown.