Redesigning campus interior is not an advisable idea


Photo by Tanner Kujawa

A student observes the interior campus. Next year, all the hills and trees will be removed.

Written by Tanner Kujawa, Online Managing Editor

It has come to my attention that this summer Corona administration has decided to remodel the interior of campus. This remodel includes leveling the hills on campus, ripping out the beautiful, mature trees to plant new ones, and replacing the real grass with artificial turf.

Administration has rationalized this remodel by saying that when the campus floods, there is water damage, and by implementing these changes, that problem will decrease. However, what they don’t see is all of the environmental and economic degradation that this remodel is going to cause.

By cutting down all of the mature trees on campus, not only is campus going to lose the shade that these trees provide, but birds are going to lose their homes, and the environment will be losing vital sources of oxygen. I think that this aspect of the renov0ation is the biggest disappointment and the biggest waste of money. Why lose these beautiful mature trees just to plant new ones?

By ripping out all of the grass and leveling the hills, there will be a lot of habitat destruction caused to all of the vital insects living in the grass and soil. By placing artificial turf where there is currently real grass, the habitats of these insects will be forever destroyed. Although the maintenance savings that will come out of this new addition is attractive, the environmental side effects will be forever felt.

I am extremely disappointed that Corona administration is favoring economic benefits over environmental concerns on this issue. The health of our environment and not to mention the beauty of our campus is at stake and no one seems to be doing anything about it.