Male duo doesn’t stand out with EP

Written by Patricia Stoica, Staff Writer

Kalin and Myles are a pop/hip-hop duo from San Francisco, and they’ve been making songs together since 2011. The two met at a party while they were both making music individually, and they soon decided to combine their talents. After a positive response to their video “More Than Friends,” they decided to keep it going. Most recently, they’ve released their Dedication EP.

Upon first listen, the EP is definitely not a notable effort, but the songs do grow on you. Lead single “Trampoline” is a bit infantile, and, for lack of a better word, basic. But “I Don’t Really Care” almost makes up for it. Not quite, but almost. At least “I Don’t Really Care” has some good lines: “Go get what you love or settle for something you don’t/ And it could get crazy, but I take a chance on that roll, and do what I love, won’t settle for something I don’t.” The second song is really the highlight of the EP, as the title track and “You’re The Only One I Need” are both just a bit too cheesy to be taken seriously.

Listening to some of their earlier releases, it’s kind of strange that somehow all the tracks carry more or less the same vibe all around. In the four EPs that have been released in the past two years, a little bit of maturing could be expected, or at least improvement in the quality of lyrics.

Perhaps Kalin and Myles will drop a new song soon and I’ll be really impressed. I hope that happens, because I really enjoy being proved wrong about my initial impression of an artist. But as of right now, I stand with the opinion that Kalin and Myles sound too uninspired to be worth a listen.