Things people should do more often


Photo by Maria Martin

Written by Carson Pyatt, Online Editor in Chief

Today, there are many things that people should, but do not, do. Whether it be something nice for somebody else or for yourself, there are many ways you can make yourself happy. Here are 10 things people should do more often.

1. Come to the door

Whether it be picking up your significant other or just a friend, get out of your car and go to the door. Texting ‘I’m here!’ obviously gets the job done, but it is so impersonal. Are you too lazy to get out of your car and knock on the door? Under certain circumstances, I understand being in a rush and wanting to get going as soon as possible. However, if you are picking somebody up just to go do something, it isn’t hard to knock on the door.

2.Call instead of text

I have fallen victim to this countless times. Many, myself included, find it easier to talk, share and argue with people over text messaging than face-to-face or even over the phone. Texting is great, so don’t misunderstand me. I think texting is a great way to be able to talk to people essentially no matter the circumstances. However, I see phone calls as a much more personal way of talking to somebody than texting. Being able to hear a person’s voice and reading a tiny message bubble are very different things.

3. Write letters

Texting, emailing and calling are the main ways people today communicate. I am not opposed to this at all – I love being able to use my phone whenever, wherever to get in contact with people. Still, I think writing letters is something that people should not have stopped doing. I remember getting letters from my grandparents and other family when I was younger, and nothing was better than that feeling when you saw an envelope with your name on it. My friends and I would write letters to each other in middle school, something I loved and miss. Getting a letter from my friends instead of a text made me feel so special. I saw the pages they spent writing to me, and seeing their handwriting as opposed to generic computer fonts made me feel like I was talking to them, not a screen. Letters are something that I feel can make somebody’s day a whole lot brighter.

4. Say please and thank you

My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t say thank you. It requires almost no effort yet can make a huge impact on somebody else. If somebody holds a door for you, say thank you. They were nice enough to think of you, the least you can do is show you appreciate it. The same goes for saying please. If you are asking for something, you are the one who is hoping for something from a person. They are going to be giving you something or sacrificing something for your benefit. The absolute least you can do is ask nicely. Please and thank you are simply words; they require essentially no effort at all. Say please and thank you. It isn’t hard.

5. Read

Reading is a virtue. Books can teach you so many things, ranging from vocab words to real world issues to history. People don’t find time for reading, and when they do have spare time it is too often used elsewhere. Reading a book can open up your mind and help you establish views and ideas on various concepts. Open up a paperback and read.

6. Go outside

Get outside before the Arizona heat starts to creep in. Have a picnic, ride a bike, go for a walk, sit in a chair, anything. Enjoy a breath of fresh air instead of sitting in your room.

7. Think about somebody else first

People are selfish. It’s the reality of life. I am a pretty self-centered person, but I also know when to put others first. Doing things for other people not only shows that you care, it makes you feel better too. That sounds cheesy, but in reality doing nice things for other people makes you feel good about yourself. Putting other people first doesn’t have to be hard. You can buy somebody a small present, take them to their favorite restaurant for lunch or even just do them a small favor. No matter what it is, the person you are helping will appreciate you for it.

8. Stop and smell the roses

This is one of the biggest clichés out there. No matter how many times you have heard it, it still rings true. High school students today are so focused on what is next – the next text, college application, or life after high school. These are supposed to be the years where you find yourself and discover what you want. High school is where you enjoy being a teenager and have fun. I know the future is looming right before us, but we are going to get there eventually. You won’t get today back.

9. Do something outside your comfort zone

People often miss out on things they really want to do because they are afraid to do something new. Most regrets come from sitting something out. Whether it is trying an exotic food, making conversation with somebody you’ve always wanted to talk to or going to a new place, step outside your comfort zone sometime soon.

10. Stop worrying

Too often people stress about past, present and future events. People regret things all the time, stress about the test they are taking or stress about the important application due in a few months. Does worrying help anything? Will worrying about a problem make it any better? People often think stressing about something will fix it. Take things for what they are. Worry less and enjoy more.