Are teenagers beliefs taken seriously?

Written by Lily Corona , Staff Writer

High School is a time to find yourself, figure out what you want out of life. Chances are, you will be an entirely different person your senior year than you were as a freshman. Face it, people change. But when you do find yourself, share it with the world, shout it out. Although sometimes it won’t go as smoothly as planned.

In my experience, sharing your thoughts and ideals as a teenager doesn’t go very well. If you decide you’re an atheist, you’re immature, or unsure of everything. If you figure out that maybe you’re attracted to the same sex, you’re just experimenting, right? Wrong. It’s understandable to tell a 5 year-old boy that their favorite toy is generally a girl toy because they’re still learning, but when you’re in high school, you are old enough to have an opinion. You look at the world and form your own thoughts based on your point of view. So why don’t adults see it the way we do?

Adults aren’t alone in this. It’s all of society, all ages, races and orientations. Teenagers aren’t taken seriously. Age is but a number. Just because our opinions are likely to change doesn’t mean that they’re not valid. Sometimes the thought that you might be wrong is discouraging. It might be embarrassing to believe something everyone else disagrees with. But isn’t that what makes a person? Your opinions are a part of who you are. There’s nothing to be afraid of if you genuinely think through your opinions and are educated. By thinking out your opinions, you find out who you are, why you are that way and showing everyone else that you are more than the typical teenage stereotype.

I’m honestly very frustrated by the lack of encouragement and validation when it comes to my views. There is always something more than meets the eye, which in my case is a teenage girl. I believe that if we take the time to legitimately think out our views and have reason behind what we believe, we’re more likely to be taken seriously.

Of course, hormones are going insane and you might not be as sure as you thought, and you’ll realize that later in life. But opinions are still opinions. Please think out your views, question them, play devil’s advocate. We are growing up and soon we’ll be a year closer to being an adult and hopefully a year closer to being taken seriously.