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Do people think teenagers live up to potential?

Lily Corona, Staff Writer

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High school is the time in your life where you begin to figure out who you truly are, what you believe and what you’re capable of. But when it comes down to it, teenagers’ potential is taken for granted, but not only by other members of society.

We look at numbers and statistics and give up because its “unlikely” to succeed in what we dream of doing. When the statistics are against us, our motivation goes down. Kids in high school are realizing who we are, what we believe, who they want to be, and discovering things they had no idea existed. But with everything going on in life, we forget to discover the potential that lies within ourselves. We look at things and act different and feel discouraged to go for something because of doubt. Our parents, teachers and the rest of society only doubt us because we doubt ourselves. When you are confident in yourself, others are likely to take your lead and feel the same way.

Parents dread the day their children become teenagers while children look forward to the high school years. But when we actually get to be of age to make a difference, we don’t. We look at the odds and decide it wouldn’t be worth it to fail. Do you remember being young and thinking you could do anything? Why should that have changed? Teenagers have the potential to be whatever they want. We may not be adults, but we’re definitely not children.

Take advantage of this time in life, you’re not going to get to live it again. There are so many possibilities that go ignored because of a predetermined disposition brought by society. Kick the lazy, stupid, hormonal stereotype away. Numbers are just numbers and expectations are meant to be exceeded. Don’t let go of your big dreams because you don’t think it’s likely. You have the capability. With both potential and the motivation, anything is possible. Why not tap into the unused abilities? You can change the world, and to not try would be to deprive yourself and the world of a perfectly good future.

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The student news site of Corona del Sol High School
Do people think teenagers live up to potential?